Why you’d want to work with me:

   I’m a health professional with a Master’s Degree who can help educate your audience through blog posts/articles that are easy to read, enjoy, and share.

   I love research and putting it into delicious bite-sized nuggets of information.

You wouldn’t have to worry about communication issues as I have a good grasp of both oral and written English having worked as an English Teacher for Japanese students for two years.

   My voice is vibrant and personal.

   I have an eye for detail and good design. 

   I’m an experienced blogger and web content writer. I’ve worked with top mommy and baby brands on my parenting and lifestyle blog Mommy N’ More.

   I’m currently work part-time as the Head Writer of an established baby names website based in Singapore.

  Those who have worked with me know, like, and trust me with writing quality posts.

I do yoga and meditation regularly. I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle myself.

Health and Wellness Writer /IG Engagement Specialist